Renewed Hope – Devoted Trust

Wow!  I just returned from facilitating a workshop for Concordia Lutheran High School in Houston.  Staff of about 50 attended and the goal was to get rejuvenated for the new 2008-09 school year.  We used their yearly theme “Renewed Hope – Devoted Trust” based on Titus 3:3-8 as our outline for the day.  Lots of great discussion happened.  We looked at the generation of students we teach (called the Mosaic generation), learned what S.O.A.P journaling is (see,  and at the end, we wrote a statement that we could look back on and be encouraged. 


What I really loved about meeting this group of ministers was their sold out passion for building a solid academic and spiritual foundation for students.  Everyone I met, while different, shared the same focus and love for Jesus and their school.


God is at work, y’all.  He’s doing great things in our schools.  Remember to celebrate the lives He’s changed! 



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