An 8-track Parent is published!

My new book, “An 8-track Parent In An Mp3 World,” is availableClick here for more information.


“This book should be in every parent’s/doctor’s/educator’s resource box. If you are like me you might take “listening to music” for granted and never really thought about how you can help yourself and your child make good choices–not limited choices–when it comes to selecting from the many different styles of music that are available to them. I found the book to:

1. be an easy, quick (2 hours,), entertaining read packed with valuable info and insights.
2. be appropriately written for Christians and non-Christians alike; i.e., not preachy.
3. contain several valuable resources I was unaware of and can make use of with ease.
4. provide clear, concise steps to evaluate music with your child. And, the identified “benefits” of doing so with your child were “spot” on!
5. get your young listener’s attention with the snippets provided by his 13-year old son titled Nathan’s Notes.”

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