How many text messages!?! (Part 2)

Makenzie textingIn a few weeks, many families will be sending their first-born off to college.   Many tears will be spilled.  Many sighs will be heaved as they return home to a home-life that is different — changed from this point on.  It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just different. 

In a small way, I guess, these families have a taste of what our household is like now.  There is a “new normal”.  There is one less person on the couch watching TV.   There is one less person getting ready in the mornings or calling for “computer time.”  The biggest difference, as it comes to mind right now, is that the aforementioned families have two-way communication with their son or daughter whereas we have none.  At any given moment, they can text for an update on dorm life, food, lack of money or just to get the all-important kid fix! We are satisfied in knowing the promises of God that “heaven is a wonderful place; filled with glory and Grace!”  (I can hear you singing!)

I’ve appreciated that many of Makenzie’s friends are still texting her phone.  Most begin with, “I know you’re not going to answer, but …”  and then they go on with sympathies, request for advice or just to know they are in commuication with her.  If you’re one of those, DON’T STOP!  We still love to hear her phone vibrate/ring.  We still love to feel that she’s going to answer it herself.  And, truth be told, we love to be reminded that she is still alive, even if there’s no texting in heaven. 




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