Uncleanliness is Next to Godliness

feet on wheelPet Peeves.  I have very few. But one that does get my proverbial goat deals with the inside windshield of my car.  When humidity causes the inside of my car window to fog up, my natural reaction use to be to wipe it with my hand so I could see.  Doing so left smudge marks when the condensation dried.  I learned how to adjust the air conditioning vent to quickly dry up the water.

Somehow, I never covered that lesson when I taught Makenzie how to drive. Sure enough, streaks and marks appeared on the inside of my windshield within days of her officially taking the wheel.  Even when I made her aware of my injurious pet peeve, she still managed to sneak a swipe now and then like defiant Nemo touching the bottom of the boat (or “butt” if you’ve seen the movie).

Makenzie's handprint on the inside of my car

Fast forward (or rewind) to a few weeks ago; after the accident that claimed Makenzie’s earthly life.  It was a humid Houston morning. Like so many other mornings,  I plopped down in my car, accidentally sloshing a few drops of steaming coffee onto the seat, and began thinking about the to-do list of my day.  Inserting the key into the ignition, I started my car and looked up.  There, on the humidified windshield were five thin finger marks, streaking from the center of the glass down to the dash-panel in a half-circled smudge.  They were Makenzie’s.  Fingerprints that told her tale of disobedience.  Smudges that proclaimed her independence. But I didn’t care.  I sat behind the wheel of my car, staring at the inside windshield, weeping uncontrollably.

They were (and still are) the last physical marks of my daughter and I vowed right there not to touch or clean them until driving safety required it.  Pet peeve or not, Makenzie’s smudgs are symbols stating that sometimes, uncleanliness is next to godliness.



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7 thoughts on “Uncleanliness is Next to Godliness

  1. julieann says:

    I love kinzey she was a dancer at my dancer studieo she rocks and we all miss her so soooooooooooo much saaaaaaaaaad.

  2. taylor says:

    I was reading your blog instead of paying attention in my Art 101 course, and now I am quietly crying in my Art 101 course. This is beautiful. I miss and love you guys! I hope all is going well in your new home!

    • Todd says:

      Your comment really touched my heart. “Quietly Crying” is what I find myself doing very often. No one would really understand. But those of us who will never be the same because of Makenzie’s influence share a common bond.

      Can I use your comment as a blog post sometime?

      luv ya

  3. Lisa Sylvester says:

    Oh Todd (and Kellie), I’ve just read your latest entries and my heart hurts for you guys. I remember little Makenzie when you were all at the seminary. What you write makes me think that I’d be feeling the same way if I’d lost my child. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and also for letting me see a bit of Makenzie through what you write. I pray for you and know that He will continue to comfort you. Take care –

  4. vickiinaz says:

    Once again, here you are putting life into beautiful perspective.
    As I drove my daughter to dance after school today I shared this story with her, we cried together. Thank you Mackenzie for that tender moment of closeness with my dancer.

    I also though about the rest of my story as I drove away in silence, looking at my husbands streaky windshield, wishing I had washed the inside last week, when I washed the outside for myself (his windshield is always dirty), after he asked if he could use “my car” to go to Tucson in for work. Well here I was driving his car so very grateful that I hadn’t chastised him for his dirty windshield.
    Thank You Todd.

    Good and Healing Thoughts to you and your family.

  5. beccamwillett says:

    I am so sorry! You can keep that a long time because i do not think it will be any trouble. I hope you will keep everyone up to date when you move to minnesota. I’m gonna miss ya’ll!

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