Family Reunion

Family reunion

Kellie, Maddie, Makenzie, Todd, Nathan

Kellie, Maddie, Makenzie (now dancing before the Lord), Todd, Nathan

All of us were stunned when we learned of the story of Jaycee Duggard.  For those of you who didn’t hear this story, Jaycee was abducted at the age of 11 and lived for 18 years in captivity by a man who, by all regards, is the personification of evil.  Recently, investigators discovered the missing girl – now a woman – who had all but been forgotten and thought dead.

It was phenomenal to watch the many news reports that told of her saga.  I was especially drawn to the one of Jaycee’s aunt who had just left the reunion meeting with Jaycee and her parents.  The aunt, beaming with uncontainable excitement, spoke about the happy reunion. She said, “Jaycee and her family are in a safe place, reconnecting and getting to know each other again.  Jayee’s mom has a huge smile on her face and said, ‘my oldest daughter is finally home.’”

If you’ve been reading my blog, you already know the connection that I am about to make.  In a nutshell, Kellie and I can say the same thing as Jaycee’s mom, “our oldest daughter is finally home!”  Makenzie is finally home with the Lord.  No more sorrow; no more pain; no more wandering; no more shame.  Makenzie is home.  (“I Will Rise” by Chris Tomlin)

As I think about it.  That was the last statement that she said to me before she died.  “Hi Daddy.  I love you.  I’m on my way home.”  She had no idea how prophetic she was.

Today, I choose to take joy in the Family Reunion that we will experience in the future with Makenzie.



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One thought on “Family Reunion

  1. Abbicus says:

    Hey Mr.Stocker! I was so excited that i got to see yall at school a couple weeks ago! Just wanted to say that you are an AWESOME WRITER! Your words speak to people and you just know how to put words together! I miss yall and can’t wait to see you in November! Tell Maddie and Nathan i said hi, 🙂 Boo-Ya!

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