in new yorkOver the past few months, I’ve learned that people grieve the death of someone close the same but different.  What I mean is there are natural human patterns or non-linear stages of grief that people experience:  Denial, Anger, Bitterness, Depression, and Acceptance.  I’ve cycled through most of these several times after Makenzie went home to heaven on June 3rd.   While these are pretty standard for everyone, we land and take-off from these emotions at different schedules (Sorry…I’m on a plane writing this so I couldn’t ignore the metaphor).

The reason this comes to mind is because I’ve been in Minnesota helping my youngest daughter, Maddie, start her first days of 7th grade.  While she is doing wonderfully, both of us have experienced the same response from people when we meet and they find out about Makenzie.  They are genuine in their grief for us but unsure how to react to when they see us smile.   They are surprised to find that while we still hurt, while we still ache, while we still cry at the drop of a … bobby pin, we still grin, laugh and even talk freely about Makenzie.

We are in the jet way of our new normal flight (sorry, again) and getting settled into the first leg of the journey ahead.  We still miss Makenzie and always will.  We still have our “Makenzie Moments” and still wonder what she’s doing in heaven, but we are ok.

So when you see us, please know that we welcome your concerns and questions.  Also know the joy that we have is given to us by the Master Himself.



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3 thoughts on “Surprised

  1. Denbigh Cherry says:

    I was so blessed by you guys and our short time together at Carolina Creek. I can’t remember ever seeing God’s grace cover 2 people so completely as they testified to His goodness. Simply incredible and so humbling. May our Lord continue to give your family comfort and strength, as well as many opportunities to share this testimony of Makenzie’s life and the we hope we have even in death. You guys have ministered to me in a deep and powerful way. Blessed be the name of the Lord…..


  2. Rebecca Caldwell says:

    Whatever you do…don’t hide or the smiles that come or laughter that springs from inside. I know the pain of losing the everyday with someone you love. That never goes completely away- but it is GOOD to let God trade crying for laughter. He loves you so much and you all are God’s favorite!

    Thanks for sharing this time with all of us.

  3. ccandcompany says:

    Thank you so much for your continual posts. I enjoy reading them. I hear Makenzie’s voice through your words and thoughts. Love y’all so much. Miss you!

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