“Bearing It All … Almost” Part 1

IMG_1225I’ve received so many wonderful emails in response to Makenzie’s Living Magazine article.

One person wrote …

“Today I was so angry at my daughter for not cleaning her room and was irritated during most of the day. As I found and read your article about your storm in the CyFair Living Magazine, tears just flowed and flowed out of my eyes and I ached in my heart for you.  I am going upstairs to kiss and hug my daughter. I will tell her about Makenzie. Thank you so much and may God bless and strengthen you!”

And another said,

“Pastor Todd, I read about your story in the Keller/Metroport Living Home and Family Style Life and was moved. Thank you for sharing this and for glorifying the Lord during this season. He is worthy of all of our praise, isn’t He!”

It isn’t easy sharing this unintended journey that our family travels.  Much of it is good.  Some of it is incredibly painful.  But over these months, it has been helpful for me to open up a bit and let you peek into the windows of our grief and joy.

Believe me, there is many windows into which I don’t allow you to look.  Truthfully, there are many closed emotional shutters that I, too, walk by.  Eventually, I’ll be strong enough to at least lift the shade, but not now.  It’s only been 4 months 4 days 12 hours and 12 min since my life was changed forever and I’m not in a rush to be hurt like that again.



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3 thoughts on ““Bearing It All … Almost” Part 1

  1. stacey says:

    Hello Todd,

    Today I read your article, Storm Ready, in Living Magazine. Your family’s story was familiar to me — I remember it from the news here in the Houston/Clear Lake area where I live. I remember thinking then what a special girl your daughter was to have touched so many.

    I’ve spent the last hour or so reading the beautiful posts here on your blog. Your message of hope and joy in the midst of loss truly speaks to me. Thank you for sharing your faith in the Lord as well as your beautiful memories of Makenzie!

  2. Becky Freeman says:

    Dear Todd,

    I was profoundly touched by your article “Storm Ready” in the Cy-Fair Living Magazine. I could relate to much of what you shared about Makenzie, but for other reasons. On June 12th of this year our 13 year old daughter, Emily, was admitted to Texas Children’s Hospital with a cancerous brain tumor. That date marked the beginning of our personal storm.

    Like Makenzie, our daughter was a ballerina, having danced as the lead, Clara, in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes, both in Houston and in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry. In the Houston show, Santa told Emily to “dream big!” My husband and I, of course, had big dreams for her future.

    “Our plans” came crashing down on June 12th. I have always believed that “God’s grace was sufficient,” but this was the first time it had been put to such an ominous test in my life. Truly, the grace God supplied us with has been nothing short of miraculous. We, too, experienced the gamut of emotions from pain, sorrow, and grief over what was lost, to hope, joy, and confidence for God’s provision and purposes. We, too, have heard the words often, “you are so strong,” and “we admire your faith.” And we, too, have struggled to see how those words fit.

    All I can say is His grace is indeed sufficient; His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. We have learned what it means to truly “rest in Him,” and allow Him to carry us through the storm.

    Our daughter is still with us, and for that we are most thankful. Nevertheless, the truth of how fragile life is, and how quickly it can be taken away, has not been lost on us.

    God bless you for sharing your story so openly, and for reminding us how important it is to be “storm ready.”


  3. vickiinaz says:

    Dear Todd,
    Hi again from AZ.
    Your story, it changes us, but you don’t need me to tell you that.
    Makenzie is a precious angel spreading her warmth and beauty in her new home with her Lord and Savior.
    Your words they help me to remember what is important and what is not. I talk about Makenzie with my daughter also. We love her as if we knew her.

    Have you run across any of the books by Alison Dubious. She is a Medium from here in Phoenix? Her stories are touching and heartfelt. I found her books after I started asking God if my Father would want to talk to me now, if he would be ready now that he has been gone home for 10 years? He hurt me deeply, betrayed me as a father and then would not help me work through it before he left this earth. Reading her stories the Spirit was able to whisper peace into my soul that yes, if he had the chance now he would do anything to speak to me. I long for that day. I know I will have that opportunity only now the Great Mediator will be with me to help me. What a glorious day that will be.

    As I have said before, Never take for granted the gift you have shared with your precious children by being the kind of father which your Heavenly Father expects of you. You have given your children a priceless gift the gift of understanding who HE really is by your example.
    Blessings to you from AZ.

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