“I’m Back!”

IMG_0696_7261He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.”  Job 8:20-22

I don’t know how it started or who let him in, but somehow, without warning, there he was. Laughter. Our friend from former days. Laughter. The one in our family who sat quietly during the past months as tears and weeping took their turn, helping us heal; helping us cope with Makenzie’s death. But this past weekend, Laughter jumped off the couch and rejoined our family.

It was just the four of us, huddling together at a cabin in northern Minnesota. Kellie and Maddie were playing Dutch Blitz – a card game only crazy people like – and Nathan and I were munching on chips. Before long, I noticed my gut hurting and my cheeks stained with tears. No, not the swine flu, but the result of mouth-wide-open, head-tilted, eyes-shut, full-out Laughter. This wasn’t Laughters little cousin, Giggles. This was really him! Back again. And maybe it was something Nathan said. Maybe it was something Kellie or Maddie did. All I know is that whatever ‘it’ was, Laughter took the opportunity to bring his joy back into our family.

The pain is still around. The moments of grief sometimes still consume us. But God has given back our longtime friend and it feels good.



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