ballerinaMakenzie danced all over the United States. Missouri, Minnesota, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, New York; many were impacted by this little ballerina named Makenzie. As a result of her influence and after she was killed, tributes of all sorts were created by those who love her. Youtube hosts many of these done by her fellow classmates and me as well (Click Here for her celebration service tribute video). Dance studios have choreographed pieces in her memory as a tribute to a life well lived and cut short. (Click Here for Caitlyn Cannon’s description of a tribute dance).

Last Saturday, the Minnesota Classical Ballet Academy – where Makenzie danced in grade school – dedicated a dance choreographed to Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in honor of Makenzie. Within the context of the performance, a little girl occasionally walked on stage, mingled through the dancers and stood to the side, watching the others turn and move to the music. At one point, the little girl wearing lavender (Makenzie’s favorite color) knelt down and recited the words to our families evening prayer.

“Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake; I know the Lord my soul will take.”

cba minnesota

We couldn’t hold back the tears and they washed down our faces as we were once again reminded of Makenzie’s purity, faith and joy. Surrounded by our friends, we watched the little ‘Makenzie’ stand up and be carried off by a man in white (God) as the dancers continued to perform with passion and grace.

At the end of the dance, as the last chord faded into the air, all of the performers slowly made their exit, save one. A lavender sashed ballerina, on pointe and back facing the audience, gracefully tiptoed off-stage, leaving an empty space the size of the one in our family. Wonderful. Stunning. Symbolic. Painful. But Beautiful as well. A tribute to my little ballerina who is dancing arm in arm with Jesus.



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