Up325I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie UP. If you have offspring still hovering around your kneecaps, my guess is, you have. A wonderful story put to film about an older man who vows to finish a dream he and his wife held before she died; to live in their house next to Paradise Falls. Accompanied by an unwanted boy scout (Russell), the old man and little boy fight evil talking dogs, treacherous paths and a long lost aviator turned lunatic.

Throughout the 90 minute film, we laughed and cried and cried some more. For whatever reason, the movie hit us hard. Maybe it was the realization that this was the last movie that Makenzie and Maddie saw together. Maybe it was the scenes of the old man sitting alone in his chair next to his wife’s. Maybe it was the clear message of letting go of the past and going on into the future. It was probably a combination of it all. But we wept. All four of us. Wept. We wanted Makenzie there to share in our family time. We

hat photo

My Snorty Laugh!

wanted to see her crinkled nose and hear her snorty laugh. We all wanted Makenzie.

But just like in the movie, we have to celebrate our past and live in the present. God has given us a chance to begin again and move into the future, bringing Makenzie’s memory with us. He is the one leading us where He desires us to go. He is the one who sees our full journey. And all He asks us to do is to continue to look … UP (Hebrews 12).



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One thought on “UP

  1. stacey says:

    That is such a sweet, sweet movie with a great message for so many. It really touched me as a woman who lives with infertility and pregnancy loss.
    Love your beautiful post. Sending prayers for your family.

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