Ecuador – “Kenzie would have loved this!”

“Kenzie would have loved this!”  How many times has that phrase bounced around in my thoughts over the past few months as our family discovers it’s new normal without her.  On this occasion, that phrase is bouncing off the well worn plaster walls of the small streets of Quito, Ecuador.  (If you don’t know why our family is here, click here).

At around 9,000 feet, the first day in Quito has been spent acclimating to the said altitude and culture.  Past experience has warned me not to do anything strenuous right away when entering into a different part of the world.  Not heeding that wisdom, we climbed eight stories up to the top of the Basilica and bobbled across the dusty planks of her attic.  Maybe it was the view; maybe it was the lack of oxygen, but my knees felt jiggly as I stopped and looked out across this city that is only five miles wide but twenty-five miles long.  Breathtaking!  Below us, some sixty feet, the muffled sound of Gregorian chant seeped through the cracks of the historic trusses.

“Kenzie would have loved this!”

Brand, Sandi and Hannah Miller brought us into the old city of Quito.  ‘Old’ here does not mean built in the 1950‘s.  We are talking buildings built in the 1650’s and original food recipes that I can’t even pronounce.  Fresh fruit juices, empanadas and street baked peanuts and potato chips filled our tummies us as we strolled through the cobblestone street of the historic La Ronda.

“Kenzie would have loved this!”

As the hot morning sun gave way to the cold afternoon wind, we headed back to the Miller’s home and processed the day over dinner.  It has been an amazing day.  We’ve experienced great friends, great food, great culture, great history, and great anticipation as we think about what the Lord has in store for us tomorrow.  And yes, “Kenzie would have loved this!”



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One thought on “Ecuador – “Kenzie would have loved this!”

  1. Katie Davis says:

    This is so exciting. I would have been taking full advantage of the peanuts on the side of the road… And what do Quito Potato Chips taste like? Are they the same? And what is a empanada… I know i have heard of it before.

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