Ecuador – We Made It!


Makenzie speaking spanish to kids in Mexico (2005)

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we made it safe and sound.  God is already at work.  He smoothed out the details of the flight, getting the shoes (and turkey) through Ecuadorian customs and connecting with Brad and Sandi Miller.  Today is a day of acclimating to climate and culture.


I’ll be doing evening or early morning updates.

Thanks for the prayers!




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5 thoughts on “Ecuador – We Made It!

    • Todd says:

      The family is the Miller family. We’ve known them for years. They have been here for 8 years working with Youth World. They are awesome!

      It’s Eastern Time here.

      Katie, It was great seeing you on Friday!

  1. Bickel's says:

    We would love to be with you all but you all in our prayers. May the Holy Spirit so fill you all that you minister in his power. Lives transformed – that’s the best. The love of Jesus being outpoured in lives – Hallelujah!

    You are his hands and feet in Ecudador.
    In His Love,
    Tim and Pam

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