“I Want to Witness a Miracle”

Resolutions. Dreams. Hopes. Each year, our family spends a few minutes after the proverbial “ball drop” to write these down as we close our eyes on the past 12 months. Once written, our musings hibernate in an envelope until the next December. Then, they are opened and read. Some years, our thoughts are about being a better student. Other years, they reflect a desire to have, as my wife describes, a “weight change.” (This time around, I fulfilled that one but not the kind of change for which she was hoping).

We spent a few moments this evening, (nay … morning), reading last years dreams … from all five of us, saving Makenzie’s till the end. For this past year, 2009, her resolutions were, in ascending order:

“Love, be loved, love others and find love!
Live above the noise and not make this year regrettable.
Not take life for granted … and show it.
Learn a song on the guitar.
Become more observant of everything around me.
Become a better dancer.”

(And number one on her list for this past year) …
“I want to witness a miracle.”

Makenzie's Resolutions for 2009

Truthfully, every breath that fills our lungs, every moment through which our hearts beat, every thought, word and action that defines us – shapes us – are miracles because they are all undeserved. But my Makenzie’s desire to witness a miracle in the year 2009 was fulfilled in a way that none could fathom. The miracle that she witnessed was being face to face with the God who created her. She witnessed the miracle of her life being redeemed and her purpose being completed. She witnessed the miracle of Jesus’ arms wrapping around her and taking her home to be with Him forever.

May we all witness a miracle in 2010 from our Lord who is the God of the miraculous.



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6 thoughts on ““I Want to Witness a Miracle”

  1. Emily Valerioti says:

    These stories of Kenzie make me love her even more. From the moment that welcoming face made me feel part of the BAHBT company in 2007, to the day I regrettably left the RAFA family. Such an inspirational person, she has changed my life so much and is still continuing to do so with these stories from your blog. I just wanted to say Thank You, to you, Makenzie, and your family.

  2. Wes says:

    U say that makenzie wanted to see a miracle..I believe I saw one that me and her had both prayed about for more than a year…on Tuesday afternoon during baseball my pot addicted friend told me he was quitting smoking forever….my miracle isn’t as awesome as seeing Jesus but hey…..also want to know way was makenzies fav number

  3. Patra Mueller says:

    Wow Todd! That is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! Seeing her resolutions really gives a picture of who she was! What an awesome list of resolutions! I love the tradition! I think we will start that in our house! 🙂

    Love you! Patra

  4. Ellen Kistner says:


    Your Father must be SO pleased that you see His truths about life and death SO soon after your precious daughter’s departure from Earth.

    He is amazing — and you’re continually and rapidly growing into His image.

    I love it! — and I love YOU.


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