Wish You Were Here

The phrase, “Wish You Were Here,” has sarcasm as it’s nameplate. I used the phrase often while basking in the Houston warmth and talking to my Minnesota buddy, Scott, in February’s past. But rarely did I utter the words without a sense of dig… of scoffing … of tongue in cheek.

I find myself thinking phrase consistently, now. ‘I wish Makenzie were here’. However, there is no hint of humor; not a shadow of play. I simply, truly, desperately wish Makenzie were here.

It’s been 7 months since God took Makenzie home and our new normal lives have gone on. Ironically, the great things that are happening in and to our family are coupled with reminders that one is missing. I don’t know how long it lasts — others may know — but my gut reactions when something interesting takes place is to think, “I can hardly wait to tell Makenzie,” followed by, “I wish you were here.”

“Makenzie!  On the same day that Nathan’s braces came off, Maddie’s went on. (I wish you could see them). Kellie may be speaking to a large group of high school students. (I wish you could hear her). We are going sledding today on your favorite hill. (I wish you could come).”

The public mourning is now private but no less painful. Our life is good up here in the north country. But, selfishly, I still wish you were here.



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5 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here

  1. Peg Thiele says:

    Hey Todd, I have enjoyed reading your posts and am commenting for the first time. I’m certain, many, like me, find inspiration in your words to carry on even though our troubles would be considered far less severe by worldly standards. Thanks for sharing all of the photos and stories. I feel like I have gotten to know her and her part in your family. I pray that your pain lessens with each day.

    Truly, Peg

    I am extending an open invitation to come visit the “compound” anytime!

  2. Ruth (Sikorski) Buck says:

    Todd….I still mourn her too….every time I look at a picture of a beautiful dancer, she’s my instantaneous first thought. Thoughts of her flit into my mind so many countless times, it’s almost become the new normal for me too.

    Loving you guys tons from afar…


  3. Mark Baacke says:

    Todd & Kellie, I want you to know how much I share your feelings. I’m sure you already knew that, but just like spouses need to say “I love you” even though they know it already, I wanted you to hear me say it. The word “sympathy” basically means to join your feelings with another person. I’m sure the sympathy cards have stopped coming or only come occasionally now, but I’m also sure there are hundreds of your friends who still sympathize with you. None of us miss Makenzie the way you do. She wasn’t as much a part of our lives as she was a part of yours. But oh, how we also miss her and wish she were here. I don’t say that to make you sadder, but to let you know you are not alone. And I’m certain you will never be alone. I will always miss her. So will many others. Psalm 31:7 says, “I will be glad and rejoice in your love for you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul.” That’s on the same page as Psalm 30:11. More important than me joining my feelings with yours, your Lord knows your feelings. Better than any human being knows anything, He knows. Wrap yourselves in that. Rest in that. And remind yourselves He’s saying to Himself, “Todd & Kellie, I wish you were here, and one day you will be.” He loves you and so do I.

  4. Colleen says:

    Never does it stop – it just changes to a different perspective of some kind. Imagining what they would think/say/do in this situation – maybe less pain – a way to keep connected by bringing them into the picture somehow.
    Never does it stop – don’t want it to…..

  5. Ellen Kistner says:


    My dear brother, I hear and even feel the pain you describe…….though this brings really NO relief…….I remind you that The Lord knows and feels your precious emotions, cares deeply and more importantly IS going to have a wonderful “Kingdom” victory through you and your family’s experience.

    May God grant you the strength and peace to live a victorious life for the time He’s given you here on Earth.

    Blessings and love,

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