White as Snow

"If All the Snowflakes ..."

There are benefits to living in this part of God’s country:  Ice fishing, Lutefisk and dead car batteries.  For my warm weather dwellers, this experience is called “Minnesota Winter.”  Casting my sarcasm into a snowdrift, I do enjoy the crisp, early mornings cut through by the warmth of my fire-warmed hearth.

This morning, snow is dancing down from the heavens and covering that which had been ugly.  The gray slush that lies by the side of the roads; the frozen muck that clings to the undercarriage of my car; the evidence of my dog’s empty bladder in a shoveled area just off the deck; all of it covered by the light dusting of simple flakes.

Reminds me of the verse,

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD.
“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.”  Isaiah 1:18

That, which is in me, has been covered up by the snow of God’s forgiveness.  The dirt that exposed itself out of the anger of our families loss, has been blanketed by the robe of Christ.  I feel forgiven today.  I feel loved today.  I feel white as snow.


One thought on “White as Snow

  1. Ellen Kistner says:

    I praise God today for this HUGE, H U G E, gift that you are able now to feel. The Lord I S hard at work healing and growing you and your family into what He needs you to be for the future —– a future which He has planned for you.

    Praise God form whom A L L blessings flow.

    So, proud of you, my brother-in-Christ!

    Ellen Kistner

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