The Crucible (2 of 7): “Night-Light”

We know the word Crucible by two common expressions:  First, the Crucible it is the container in which metals or other materials are melted.  Second, the Crucible is a metaphor we use for hard experiences, trials and difficulties.  But there is a third … a little known moniker that illuminates an unexpected purpose of the Crucible.  The word itself, “Crucible,” originally meant “night-light.”  (OK, skeptic, click here to verify).

Yup — Night-light.  If you have young-ins, the shining from the night-light is muted by Sponge-Bob, Hello Kitty or some other personification of a non-threatening-politically-correct-run-on-biofuel object.  If you harbor a decades-long nycophobia (fear of darkness), your night-light simply glows green from a flat panel plugin.  Whatever the holding, the night-light’s purpose is this:  to pull back the dark and reveal that which couldn’t be seen otherwise.

Ironic, isn’t it?  The violent  Crucible and the soothing Night-light are one in the same with two different purposes married together in a single bond.  The loss of your job should cause you to tail spin (darkness).  But God uses it to show you that He will provide all your needs (light).  The crumbling of a relational bond should force the grip of depression to squeeze the life out of you (darkness).  But God uses it to reassure you that He will never leave (light).  The unexpected death of your daughter causes you to freeze up with despair, sadness and pain (darkness).  But God uses it to show you that even in the Crucible, He is still in control (light).

The Crucible.  The night-light for your purpose.  The night-light for His Love.  The harsh tool in the hands of a gentle Refiner.  Welcome to the Crucible.



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One thought on “The Crucible (2 of 7): “Night-Light”

  1. Nancy Haas says:

    This was very interesting, and so right about the light, we could not go on after the death of our daughters if we did not know they were now in the light of Heaven. Thankyou!!

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