The Sound of Her Voice

There is a song that plays on the radio whose opening line states, “I miss the sound of her voice.”  That line rehearses itself over and over in my mind as of late; “I miss the sound of her voice.”

Makenzie had a beautiful voice.  Not only as she sang,  but simply as she spoke.  Her voice revealed everything about her.   Goofy phrases such as, “That was intense – just like camping,” and the warm “Hi Daddy” welcomes she gave me in the hallway of our school told of a young women who loved Jesus, people, and life itself.

As more and more calendar pages are turned, the less and less I hear her voice.  And the less and less I hear her voice, the more and more I desire it.

True, we have videos and recordings of her and yes, they capture the words she spoke, but they are static; frozen; saying the same things over and over and not engaging in the day to day conversations I had with her that built our relationship.  Now I speak and she doesn’t answer.  My words bounce off into nowhere and there is no reply.  Oh, to hear one word  from her but I know I’ll have to wait.

“I miss the sound of her voice.”



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3 thoughts on “The Sound of Her Voice

  1. Nancy Haas says:

    My daughter Tammy would have turned 37 yesterday. She was 19 when she went to Heaven. Your words today were expressed perfectly, and my heart goes out to you and your family. Nancy in South Dakota

  2. Mary Fontaine says:

    I relate that song to Kevin, my husband, who died 3 years ago in June. I encourage the kids to continue to write in the books he started to them on their memories of him, since our memories fade. It seems cruel that those we love who have died turn into just a memory.

    I think of you daily, Todd and Kelly, in the days now leading up to your one year anniversary.

    May God wrap you in the comfort of His love,

    Mary Fontaine

  3. Colleen says:

    How I understand what you are saying. Friday was 5 years for us since Aaron died – we love all of his friends coming by and I always take that day off so that I can freely reflect on my son, his life and the impact he had on so many people. But the one thing I don’t have is his voice. After he died, I called his cell phone just to hear his greeting. He used to walk around the house “skatting”. He would sing in the shower. Listening to the tone of his voice when he talked to his girlfriend…. We don’t have all of those videos to watch – I do miss his voice!
    God keep all of you in your lives, your ministry and your witness.

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