Live, Laugh, Love

(((I realize that there are many who stumble upon (or over) this blog as a result of a chance meeting with someone who knows Makenzie.  If you are one of whom I speak, then this post is for you;  a quick synopsis of my little girl who is dancing with Jesus (and with us :)) on the streets of gold.)))

How would you sum up your life?   Photo’s speak your memory.  Writings tell your story.  Relationships carry your legacy.  Yet if you were asked what phrase would describe your existence on this earth, what would it be?

Makenzie’s phrase would be “Live, Laugh, Love.”  I saw it in a store (again) not too long ago; carved in a rustic piece of flat board and stenciled with vines.  Nice phrase, but to me … now … it rebirths memories of who my little girl whom God has used to change so many of us.

Live:  Makenzie embraced life with all of its adventure and wonder; easily calling a dead bug or a dissected mink “amazing!”

Laugh:  Ok, maybe it was more of a cute snort, but Makenzie found laughter to be more of a celebration of the good rather than a reaction to the funny.

Love:  Makenzie disliked some, but loved all.  Friends and family who were easy to love, often watched from the sidelines as she found time for and loved on those to whom society had placed off the center.  People who were new at school or who had isolated themselves for whatever reason couldn’t escape her bouncing into their world with a friendly, “Hey guys!”

All of this … Live, Laugh, Love … grew out of the core relationship in her life.  That core was not me; not her mom, brother or sister.  Not friends or other family.  Makenzie’s core relationship was (and is) with this guy.  His name is Jesus.  And He makes life worth living (oh, and loving).

What would your life phrase be?



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  1. Now where would a nice, young lady like Makenzie find herself face-to-face with a dissected mink??? Not only did she find it “amazing”, but I remember her grabbing people in the hall & saying, “Come in here. You’ve gotta see this!” And Mak would walk into my room holding someone by the hand so she could show them some new thing she had seen in the innards of her mink.
    That’s how Makenzie lived.
    (I was her 9th-grade Honors Biology teacher.)

  2. What a beautiful saying! The words you put for each word telling of your daughter were beautiful. There is a saying that has dance added also, which I am sure your daughter and my Tammy are doing this very second.

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