I Want More Pictures

I’ve poured over them.  I’ve studied them.  I’ve printed, emailed, posted and cropped them.  They are the pictures I have of Makenzie.  I know every shadow and line of her face in the photos and they remind me of the joy and full life that she lead.

As of late, Kellie and I are longing for NEW pictures.  We scanned the full Senior Class picture from her high school but didn’t find her twinkling eyes or wide teethed smile in the midst of the faces.  We looked at the end of the year Facebook pictures from her friends but she was not in them.

What we’d give to see her on her last day of High School.  How we long for those photos which would tell us that her life with us was continuing.  But they are not there.

Don’t get me wrong.  We are very grateful for the pictures and video that we have; especially from Caitlin and the last photo shoot.  But to see her in a graduation robe, playfully grabbing the tassel with her tongue, would be an incredible gift.

I wonder if there are camera’s in Heaven; to capture the events and experiences that we will have with her.  Probably not.  But just being with her again — with everyone again — gathered around Jesus’ throne — will be the ultimate photo op!

(NOTE: I intentionally didn’t add any pictures to this post.  I just didn’t feel like any were appropriate.  And even if one fit, the post would still be image-less.  Today, pictures just seem empty)



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One thought on “I Want More Pictures

  1. nancyannhaas says:

    This I can tell is a hard day for you. I am thinking our daughters are playfully today taking pictures to show us when we join them in a blink of an eye. Peace to you this day. Nancy in South Dakota. Do you by chance know Pastor Kurt in Arlington, Minn?

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