Alex Baltes and Makenzie, 2009

Kellie so beautifully described our experience with Makenzie’s last prom which happened this night a year ago.  Read this from a mother’s heart:

A year ago today, Makenzie was attending her first and little did we know, her last prom of high school. I have special memories of preparing for that evening with her from helping to make the video asking her childhood friend Alex to fly down to prom in Houston, picking out the dress, getting the shoes, getting her hair done with Annie :), flowers and what they would all do back at our house and the next day at the beach. I replay in my head the fun conversations we had and the enthusiasm she had about everything.

Makenzie helped her friend, Wes in creatively asking her dance buddy, Shelby, to go with him. Makenzie was so excited to give him ideas and even more excited that Shelby said yes! Todd and I borrowed our friend’s (the Baggots) Tahoe to drive the group around and planned the evening with “Dinner on the Dock” of his parent’s place, a stop off at Main Event for bowling (in their prom dresses/tuxes) and then a full-stay-up till the wee hours of the morning/breakfast at our house for Makenzie, Alex, Wes, Shelby, Emilie & Zane. We were the Chauffeurs for the evening and LOVED it. Each part of was met with Makenzie’s giggles of glee. I can hear that distinct Makenzie giggle in my mind now. 🙂 She was so excited about the entire evening and everything was always, “amazing” to her. How weird that our 18 year old didn’t mind her parents toting everyone around and having as much fun planning and carrying out the event as she had.

I’ve thought much over the past 11 months of the gifts of time we had with Makenzie spanning her 18 years of life. We’ve talked as a family about the last few years at LSA where we were all there together; the kids in school and Todd and I on staff. The moments are valuable in my mind and time I will never again have on this Earth with my daughter because of the tragic evening of June 3rd, 2009.

Dinner on the Dock

Tonight is prom at LSA in Houston, then their Senior trip to Florida and graduation. Although I am glad for her class and I know all these things will be fun, it is one more reminder of how difficult it would have been for us to stay in Houston, seeing all of them and Makenzie not being there. I’ve also pondered how blessed we are in knowing that Makenzie is in heaven. Not looking down wishing she were back here, but rejoicing with the King of Kings in the ultimate dance that supercedes any prom here on Earth. What do people do without that knowledge and without Christ? You are either living for God or living for yourself and the second doesn’t get you anywhere.

Tonight I thank God for my Makenzie. For the special moments we had as a Mom and daughter. I pray for her friends that do not know Christ as Savior and the lives they are leading separate from Him. One day, they will have to choose. Tonight I will be praying for safety for Makenzie’s friends at LSA and for the faculty as well! There will be one less dancer on the dance floor. But for Makenzie, her dance is being completed in heaven.



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One thought on “THE LAST PROM NIGHT

  1. nancy haas says:

    I truly do believe there is dancing in Heaven for our daughters, my thoughts are with you today! Nancy in SD

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