Just A Simple Kiss

Makenzie and Me

There is something special about a gentle kiss that Daddy receives from Daughter.  Those innocent lips smacking against a well-seasoned, gruffy cheek, communicates sweetness … connection … love.  Just A Simple Kiss.

I loved that kiss from her.  Usually it comes unexpectedly.  Hurrying off to school.  Driving into the drop off lane.  Suddenly, she grabs my shoulder sleeve, pulls me sideways and plants one.  I can’t help but smile and say, “I love you, sweets.”  “Love you too, Daddy.”  Then, she bee-bops out of the car, joining her friends and disappearing behind the glass doors that would keep her safe for the balance of her day.

Maddie and Me

And I just sit there; thinking, How can I be so blessed with a beautiful daughter who surprises me with her simple kiss.  Then, as if being jolted out of a dream, the driver behind, gently taps on her horn.  As I drive away, I am reminded about past moments like these with Makenzie.   But today’s hurrying, drop-off, grab and kiss came from my other daughter, Maddie, who told me she loved me, with just A Simple Kiss.



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  1. I had a dream about your sweet Makenzie last night. Since we lost our Mark and besides Mark, it is the first dream that I have had about somone else who has gone to Heaven.

    In the dream, I was in a very large auditorium about to watch Makenzie graduate from High School. (oh how I wish that you could have had that moment with her in reality). There were so many people there to watch…so many kids too. Everyone was coming in to find a seat and the graduates were in their caps and gowns. (black ones)

    She was so full of joy…and that SMILE! She was everything that you have described her to be…with all of the exhuberant personality and love of Jesus that I have read in your posts and seen in her pictures. She was chatting with everyone, giving hugs and bouncing around from place to place…so beautiful! I didn’t “meet” her, I just observed it all from a distance. I kept watching her…amazed at her love of everyone and everything.

    Very much like the dreams that I have of Mark, I knew in my dream that her life was going to end here on earth. I felt the sadness and heavy heart in my dream as I thought about the car accident that would end her life. I woke up before the graduation began.

    I don’t know if God gave me the dream for any particular reason, but I felt a strong need to share it with you when I woke up. I hope that is okay.

    I would have loved to known her here…I can’t wait to meet her THERE.

    Angie Z.

  2. Todd, your posts always make me cry! You are in my thoughts and prayers!! Have a great trip! Patra

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