A New Direction

A chunk of days has passed since I’ve sat down to post a blog.  Turns out, my new normal has demanded not only my time, but also my focus … and that’s a good thing.  Because it is God’s provision to help my life move forward.

Makenzie's handprint on the inside of my car

The tangible memories of my loss do not sneak up on me anymore.  Makenzie’s bobby-pins have made their way out of the nooks and crannies of my car.  The stamp of her fingers that donned my inside windshield has all but faded.  And her belongings have found their asylum in a corner of our basement.

All of this shows me that God’s Holy Spirit has brought me through an intense crucible experience, has poured me into a mold and is now re-forming my life to be used for His purpose.  I don’t know what that completely looks like but for now, it is enough to know that He is in control.

I will keep this blog alive more as a devotional but not necessarily Makenzie focused.  The change in the blog reflects the change in me.  My Lord has taken me through the worst of the darkness.  He has shown me that a life solely dependent on Him is a life well lived.  He has rescued me from the pit of grief and set me on a new journey.  And my loving Lord is showing me how to turn pain in to purpose.

Thank you, my friends, for journeying with me.  Thank you for your comments of strength. Thank you for your insights and stories.  It has been my pleasure to share with you what I pray you never have to experience.  But if (or maybe I should say ‘when’) you find yourself dining at the table of tragedy, remember that God is in the chair right next to you.  He knows how the meal is served and he’ll always bus your table of fear and pain.

Love ya!

(Jesus said), “I am with you always.  Even to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20

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3 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. Colleen says:

    How beautiful! We know the pain and heartache will always be there – some days more so than others – but we learn how to live in spite of it – our lives are changed to be sure, but we are still living – and living for God, with Him and in honor of those we miss so much is what we must do.
    My cousin’s girls heard Kellie in New Orleans – I hope I will have that opportunity also in the form of some Facebook posting or some other technological wonder.
    God bless the entire Stocker family!

  2. nancy haas says:

    Yesterday, Sunday, I attended a thankyou lunch given by our youth who attended the National Convention in New Orleans . They spoke of only one speaker, and that was if I understood them correctly your wife speaking of Makenzie. They were so touched! and of course I could say yes I know Makenzie’s story also. Wow, she touched 25,000 young people! How special is that!!! Nancy in S.D.

  3. Ellen Kistner says:

    AWESOME – how you’ve been lead thru this most painful time, and can see The Lord leading you on a new direction. Your words are eloquent as you describe this – obviously God inspired!

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