A “Just Is” Day

I wanted to take my son, Nathan, to the Hobgoblin Music Store today in Red Wing MN.  The visit would have fed our appetites for seeing new and bizarre instruments.  However, our part of God’s country is blanketed in 12 inches of snow (and counting) and the wind is building drifts that have paralyzed any street movement.

I’m bummed.  I was looking forward toward to this.  I wanted to spend car-time with Nate but Mr. Winter chose today – of all days – to show off.

What do you do when your plans are interrupted?  How do you respond when you run late, the store is closed or your car won’t start?  Many of us fold, implode and let the event ruin our day.  I will not be one of those people because two words that a farmer friend of mine told me a long time ago are skipping over and over in my head:  JUST IS.

My friend, Scott, runs a very large dairy farm.  Thousands of cows and hundreds of workers produce an uncountable amount of milk.  With such a large operation, troubles, setbacks and problems occur on a daily, if not hourly, basis.  I asked him how he deals with all of the stresses that dance in the moments of his day.  He looked at me and utter those words, “Just Is.”

Scott went on to tell me that the events that occur at his dairy are rather neutral (or “just is). If the market price for milk goes up it most assuredly will be offset by harder work and longer hours.  If he looses workers or cows it will be balanced by a more streamlined operation.  “Events,” Scott said, “Just Is.  It is how you respond to the events that change  your world.”

Today is a “just is” day.  The wind howls and I choose to see the branches of the tree conducting a symphony in the air.  The snow dumps down and I no longer see the dirt from the street or the ‘gift’ from the neighbors dog.

Just Is.


4 thoughts on “A “Just Is” Day

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  1. You touch my heart each time I read your thoughts. Thanks for continuing to share. If we could all go with Just Is, how much easier each day would be for us! It would be much easier to see the blessings god continues to heap upon us!

  2. Todd, Very beutiful commentary on your day. Attitude is everything, or at least a good attitude is very important. Great encouraging words. Thanks.

  3. Goodmorning Todd, yes we here in South Dakota have snow and wind also, but you have us beat with the amount of snow so far:] I had not heard that before Just Is. How perfect that is, and after the loss of a child and for me the loss also of my husband at age 38 we do learn to have alot more patience with the disappointments of everyday stuff and look at them as Just Is:] Maybe you and your family can have a fun game day:] I am here at my sorority where I am housemother to 52 girls, so I have plenty of company:] helps me so much to be around them since my daughter Tammy died when she was 19, their energy is something:] Have a Blessed Day! Nancy

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