“The Newness of Christmas”

This morning, a fresh, new blanket of snow gently covers the old.  Like the top of a cake, the snow is frosted on the arms of the bare trees outside my window.  The indentations of rabbit tracks are barely visible now as the sky’s powder dusts over them.

It is quiet.  It is still.   Everything is new.

Thats what I love about Christmas.  It makes things new.  As a kid, there was the newness  of toys, foods and oder-eaters (yes, I got those for Christmas during my transitory adole-scent years).  As an young adult, there was the newness of events, parties and friends.  As an adult, there was the newness of family, promises and dreams.

“All things new,” the Good Book says.  Time is new this morning; Mercy is new this morning; Love, Joy, Hope.  All of it – New.

What is new to you this Christmas?  As dark becomes light, as sleep becomes ‘wake, as rest becomes work, what has the new snow covered in you?

Christmas reminds me of the new.  And the journey of its discovery is what gives me peace.

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