Old Emotions

A while ago, I wrote about how emotions can sneak up on you; when you hear that old song from the 80’s and you remember your high school love; when you smell garlic and you remember that relaxing trip to Italy (or to your favorite Italian restaurant).

Today, an emotion gripped me that I hadn’t felt for a while.  That deep sense of loss dancing with joy.

I rummaged through a box of books that had been sleeping on a shelf in a forgotten corner of my basement; books that normally wouldn’t be in the same box together.  I flipped through books of fiction, business, organizational structuring (yes, I like that type of stuff) and finally, faith.  A yellow legal pad sized note was sticking out of one.  Sliding it out, opening it up, I recognized the handwriting;  it was Makenzie’s.  She must have secretly placed it when I was out of my office in Houston.  It read:

ya daddy”

“half-heart Bootie Kiss!!  Guess who?  Kenzie”

I get the heart.  I get the ‘daddy’. But I don’t get the ‘half-heart Bootie Kiss!!’  I guess I don’t need to get it.  Simply seeing her script and feeling her joy even through these few words were enough for me.

Right now, I wish I could ask her what she meant by Bootie Kiss.  I guess I’ll have to wait until we can have coffee together in heaven’s cafe.


2 thoughts on “Old Emotions

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  1. How special for you to have found the cute note, and how wonderful when you are in Heaven to ask your daughter what it does mean:] Nancy in S.D.

  2. Todd, the words you write are always meaningful and are from the deepest parts of your soul. Your written words help others to face the challenges that God has placed in our way. You are appreciated.
    Dolores from Litchfield Park.

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