Needs and Wants

I often get needs and wants confused.

When I was in high school, I needed to get a new bike.  But instead of buying the typical 10-speed, ram-horn curled handled flyer, I convinced myself that I needed a unicycle!  How cool would that be to ride up to school on a one-wheeled deathtrap!  In my brain, I could hear the other kids’ respond to my incredible-ness, “WOW! That’s cool!  I wonder if that guy juggles too?”

So I dumped my life savings into the unicycle and spent all weekend learning and practicing how to ride it.  Fast forward to Monday morning when I leaped onto my ride into popularity and started peddling.  What I neglected to take into account was that my school was almost 4 miles away!  Forward propulsion on a unicycle is akin to running on Zamboni-slicked ice!  Lots of frantic movement and very little progress!  I made it two blocks before I gave up … exhausted and feeling quite foolish.   What I thought I needed turned out to be what I wanted.

Silly story – Yes.  But how many of us confuse our needs with our wants.  God promises to supply all of our needs and sometimes our wants.  Trust Him with the needs and He might throw in a few wants to boot!


What do YOU think?

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