Gorilla-Sized Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy.  It’s all around us.  In our government, in our work, in our schools, in our churches and in our lives.  To be a hypocrite means that you are an actor. Two faces manifesting as one.

Hypocrisy is shown when we pretend to be something we’re not.

I heard a story  of a man looking for work.  During his job search, he thought he’d try asking at the local zoo.  He went to the zookeeper and said, “I’m desperate!  I need a job!  I’ll do anything!  I’ll clean cages. I’ll do janitorial!  Whatever you need, I’ll do.”

The zookeeper said, “I’m sorry.  I’d like to hire you but there’s nothing available.”  But then, after noticing how big and burly this guy was, he had a crazy thought.

He said, “Sir, this is a out of the ordinary and you don’t have to agree with it, but would you be willing to put on a gorilla suit and pretend to be a gorilla.  You see our gorilla died last week and he was our most popular exhibit. People loved to watch him and right now we can’t find one.  If you’d be our gorilla, we’ll make a custom suite for you and we’ll pay you really well!”  Well this guy was so desperate for work he said, “Ok!  I’ll do it!”

The soon to be gorilla-man came in the next day.  Even though he was a little nervous, he put the gorilla suite on, went into the cage, did a few gorilla moves and beat his chest a bit. The crowd loved it!  They went crazy!

Next day, he really got into it.  He spent the day shaking the bars and running around!  The crowds were getting larger and larger!  By the third day, he was munching banana’s and swinging on the vines, back and forth.  He really started to enjoy his new found calling!  In fact, he got a little carried away, swang too far, flew over a wall and landed in the middle of the lion’s cage!

Obviously, he was scared because the lion had a hungry look on his face and was beginning to trot toward him rather quickly.  This presented a dilemma.  If he cried out for help, people would know it was an act and he never was a gorilla.  Or he could say nothing and be eaten by the lion!  As the lion edged closer and closer, the gorilla-man couldn’t contain himself any longer and he yelled out “HELP!”  Suddenly, the lion whispered back, “Shut up dummy or you’ll get us both fired!”

Hypocrisy – pretending to be something you’re not.






(…and yes, I know the above picture is that of an Orangutang, not a Gorilla.  I happen to love this character in “The Jungle Book”)


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