“I’m an owl!” she said as my wife scooped and dumped the pre-wrapped candy into her plastic dollar store jack-o-lantern.  She was the cutest one that came to our door last Halloween.  No witches nose, no ghost sheet, no ten inch plastic knife.  Just simple fabric feathers cut out in multiply shapes and colors and lovingly stitched onto a felt jacket.

Why do we make life so gory and complex?  Why do our minds wander to things of the dark and justify it and cute.  Why is it that our thought patterns weave together evil and negativity as a first response to the beauty that is in this world?  Sin … sure.  But our culture thrives on making life complex.  We live for the thrill of the “next thing” which results in a life more chaotic that what God intended.

Today, I will strive to be still.  I will spread wide my appointments and walk slower.  “Who” knows .. Maybe, today, I’ll just be an owl.


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  1. You never fall to touch me in a special way with words I need to hear. God blesses me through your sharings. I need to be still more often. Love to all the family!

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