Why I want a Chameleon

I know what I want for my birthday.  My mom used to have one when she was young and it sounds like a cool possession … a Chameleon.  Here’s why I want one and what they remind me to do:

These are fascinating little creatures.  Their bodies adapt and change depending on their background.  I found out that they can change based on their mood, the temperature and even the breezes in the air.  Many think that they change their color to hide but research has found that they change their color to draw less attention to themselves as they hunt for food.   They make their prey feel at ease so that they can engage.  Their identity is always as a Chameleon, but they change to draw others close and to draw close to others.

What would it look like if we put away our pride and harsh judgments and became more like Mr. Chameleon?  What if we could be so confident in our convictions, values and morals yet be flexible in how we engage in conversation.  I believe more would be open to hearing about Hope in Christ and less would be turned off by the judgmental opinions of a few in our well-meaning denominations.

When you want to communicate a message, be Chameleon-like:  be firm on truth and flexible in presentation. (1 Corinthians 9:19-23).

Click for a great Chameleon Video.


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