One character trait I love about my wife is she is bold.  Yesterday, I reaped the benefit of  her confidence when she invited me and her to hang out on our friends’ boat for the afternoon.  Warm sun, great conversation, even a chance to help a neighboring boat owner maneuver their craft back into their slip – all of it helped me feel relaxed and refreshed.

God provides days like that for us as His children and followers.  He carves out times for us with the sole purpose of hitting the reset button on our stress level.  He offers us days that are designed to celebrate His creation and He provides people through whom we experience His word of love and life.  That was yesterday for me and it was a day full of worship.

For you also, it is important to be intentional about retreating, relaxing and refreshing your life.  God designed a day of rest (Sabbath) for every 6 days of work.  (For more, read Genesis 2:1-4).  He knows that you need to take a time out.  Beautiful things happen through this practice and if you’re one of His disciples, it is a time of worship, praise and living in His presence.

As the sun went down last evening, I thanked God for the day.  Peaceful and lovely.  Full and simple.  Another reminder that God loves me enough to give me rest.

Question:  What do you do when you intentionally take a day to relax and refresh?  Write a Reply below …



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  1. SÃ¥ kult bord! Hvor er det fra? Liker overflaten pÃ¥ det veldig godt 🙂 Det er mange fine puter Ã¥ finne pÃ¥ Kremmerhuset ja. Jeg likte jo spesielt godt at dere hadde Bungalowputer en stund jeg da, og sikret meg et par 😉 Du, gratulerer sÃ¥ masse med supert resultat i kjøkkenutfordringen til NIB da! Wow, sÃ¥ gøy!*Mollie*

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