As a leader, I can sometimes be a bit myopic when it comes to decisions.  I use to think a decision is either right or wrong.  Experience has taught me that decisions are rarely a yes or a no and rarely are they completely right or completely wrong.  Author and researcher, Jim Collins, says that successful organizations embrace a “genius of the ‘and'” concept which seeks the beauty in both (or more) options.  This leads to wisdom in the decision making process.  (Read Jim’s article here).

The benefits of seeking Wisdom is that it’s pursuit takes into account ambiguity.  Wise decisions help bad decisions refocus. Wise decisions allow for more input from others and the flexibility to adapt after the decision has been made.

So how do I make wise decisions or at least strive to make them?

  1. Involve others.  You may be smart but asking others their opinion can increase the wisdom factor 100 fold.  (Click Here to read more about Group Think) 
  2. Gain insight from the past, present and future.  What impact has this situation had in the past.  What is the reality of my situation today.  Will I be proud of this decision 6 months from now?
  3. Most importantly, Pray and Act.  Prayer has so many benefits.  As a Christian, prayer connects me with God’s Holy Spirit who already knows what’s going to happen.  It surrenders my pride, will and agenda to His and allows Him to press His thoughts into mine.

Question:  Add to the conversation – How do you strive to make WISE DECISIONS?  Write a comment below …
If you want to go deeper, read the story of Joseph (Click Here).


2 thoughts on “BE WISE NOT RIGHT

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  1. As I strive to make ALL decisions wise decisions…… very important step for me is to begin my day with Bible (not to be confused wit devotional) reading……..thus hearing directly from The Lord himself each and every day. His living word spoken to me each day, spills over and touches each and every thought and action……….that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!

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