My kids taught me about alignment a few years ago. Jumping into a canoe for the first time, the three of them paddled out onto the lake. My son starting paddling one way, his sisters the other. What began as a leisurely float on the water turned into an epic battle of splashes and frustration. Misalignment ruled.


The natural drift in your life is misalignment. Defined as elements not being in sync with each other, misalignment can cause a spinning in your business, organization and family.

How do you avoid misalignment?

1.Keeping setting your eyes forward. We get so bogged down in our daily details that we forget the bigger picture. Seeing where you are going gives you a north star toward which movement happens.

2. Verbalize what needs to happen. It takes constant communication of where you are headed to keep people focused.

Question: What areas in your life seem to get out of alignment quickly? Write a reply below …



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