Yes, there I go again.  Rushing into a busy day, grabbing my keys, my wallet, my phone and my pride.  I’ve got many important things to do.  I’ve got a calendar full of meetings and a mind full of noise.  And yet I forget to fire up the most powerful app that far exceeds any developers ability – Prayer.

I think we got prayer wrong.  Not the importance of it, not the holiness of it, but the use of it.  We pray too shallow.  “Lord, help me get through this meeting.”  We pray too scheduled.  “Now I lay me down to sleep…”  We pray too small.  “Lord, I need help finding a parking space.”

What if God would physically stand in front of you and verbally say, “Ask me anything you’d like.  No limits.  Go ahead.  I dare you.”  What would you ask for?  A fixed relationship that, from an earthly perspective is completely broken?  A job promotion that you think is too far out of your grasp?  A dream house, car, vacation?

Now ask yourself – WHAT IF GOD SAID “YES?”  He could, you know.  He could say “Yes”.  He could blow away your dinky prayer.  He could far surpass what your tiny brain could wish for.  And if He gives you the small requests of your passing thoughts, wouldn’t that make you wonder if you should have asked bigger?

Question:  If God said YES to your dreams, what would that look like?  Write a comment below …


Published by Todd Stocker

I love my family, music, writing and the Minnesota Vikings!

6 thoughts on “PRAYER: WHAT IF GOD SAID “YES?”

  1. As of today that he would touch my son and his wifes heart to have their almost 6 month old son Alexander Paul baptised. They live in Beijing, China, and I know it is hard to find a pastor there, but I do not think they are thinking or praying about it as they should:] Nancy in SD

  2. I think this is an incredible insight, Todd. Not the first time God has pointed it out, but I surely needed this reminder today.

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