You’ve heard that phrase “Check your attitude.”  A recent encounter with an unlike man reminded me of the truth of this encouragement.

While on vacation, we drove up to the Rocky Mountain National Park outside of Estes Park, CO.  Mountain peaks, warm breezes and thick trees outlined our route as we pulled up to the small, one person guard shack on the way to Bear Lake.  A tall, weathered man donning a green hat and shirt greeted us.  Friendly fellow.  Big smile.  We paid our entrance fee and began to drive away.  As we did, my wife said, “Have a good day.”  He met us eye-to-eye and said, “Ma’am.  Everyday is a good day.”

I wonder if he always had that positive attitude.  Probably not because he’s human.  However on that day, not only did he celebrate the minutes and hours that hed been given, but he helped us celebrate our day as well.

Your attitude is seldom only yours.  How you view the world and interact with reality rubs off on people around you.  Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta just finished a series called “Climate Change.”  Even their opening message video helps you realize how our attitude affects others.  (You can see that video and message by CLICKING HERE).

As I think back to ‘Mr. Mountain Man’ at the guard shack, I am reminded to always check my attitude.  The result of which doesn’t only affect me but also those whom I love.

Question:  What are some ways you can CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE?  Write a comment below …


3 thoughts on “HEY! CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE!

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  1. the timing on this was inspired..Last week in an update with my manager I was told I need to have an attitude adjustment. Of course I was at first immediately put off by that suggestion because it’s never exactly good to be told THAT. But as I’ve had a few days to chill with that phrase going through my head, I guess in a lot of ways what is said and how it’s said really does spark goodness or negativity in your surroundings and also in the peace that surrounds your heart. When we are all crabby and complaining at work, I tend to observe it as an attitude that expands and rubs off of the others around us and soon – everyone is snarky and sarcastic instead of happy. So yep – checking the attitude with an honesty that also aligns with the person who I am and who I want the world to see means making sure to check in with my attitude and “tweaking it” as necessary. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Tina. I glad the timing worked out and I like how you said it’s good to constantly be “tweaking” our attitude!

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