yolo_attitude.001What in the world is YOLO?  I hear it from the ‘youngins’ all around me.  I’ve seen it on a few advertising pieces.  I’ve noticed it in the attitude of risk-takers.  Again, what in the world is YOLO?

Yolo stands for “you only live once.”  Cute phrase, (see my index finger pointed at my open mouth as I utter “gag”).  My kids use it when they are facing something difficult. They use it when they are questioning if they should do something dangerous or out of the norm.  I’m not sure, yet, if this is a good thing.

On one hand, it is a phrase that can give permission to do whatever you want like whistle at a cute girl or rev up to 85 mph over a railroad track and catch air in your dads car – not that I’ve done either (insert devilish grin).

On the other, it can motivate you do do something positive and break the grip of fear.  Like apply for that promotion or go into business for yourself or talk to someone about deeper, spiritual matters.


Still my jury is out on the word.  Most likely, it will fade into the abyss of once popular but now unused words like “bees knees,” “hotsy totsy,” and “swell.”  (ok here’s a link to some of those old phrases – Click Here).  Be that as it may, I’ll yolo throughout my day today, wondering if I’ll ever be as “hip” and “with it” as my kids.  Most likely, not.  But having a positive YOLO attitude can bring fulfillment and opportunity to your life.

Question:  What situations do you need a YOLO attitude today?  Write a comment below …


What do YOU think?

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