Murder.  Killing.  Evil incarnate.  When James Holmes painted his hair red, entered theater 9 in a Denver area movie establishment and open fired on the nearly packed house, Evil made the headlines.

Realistically, I don’t even know how to process the stories of horror that have been unfolding across the airwaves over the past 17+ hours.  Even though I’ve watched a movie and chomped on popcorn at that very theater in the past, I can’t even picture myself diving behind a row of movie seats to dodge fast-flying bullets.  All I can do is pray for those families who sent their kids off to a movie and are bringing them back in a coffin.

Along with the obvious victims are the ones about whom we seldom think.  The family of the one through whom death came – the family of James Holmes.  Strange as it may seem, they also are grieving.  They have lost their son to the law.  They have lost their privacy.  They have lost their peace.  They too have lost so much based on the actions of another.  Is their pain equal to the loss suffered by the other families? – Doubtful.  But still – loss nonetheless.

So this morning, as I think numbly on the Cinema attack, I leave the entire picture to the Lord who promises that even in the midst of the worst nightmare a parent can experience, He is always there.

“God is our Refuge and our Strength!”  Psalm 46

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3 thoughts on “MURDER AT THE MOVIES

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  1. I got so behind checking my email, and am first reading this. My daughter Tammy was murdered, and unlike the parents of this young man, the parents of the boy who murdered my daughter lied for him, and therefore Justice has still not been for my daughter. All I have ever wanted was the truth as to how my daughter died, but because this is a sinful world where even parents do not teach there children right from wrong. I may not ever know the answer, but do know that God knows the answer, and Tammy is dancing in Heaven at this very moment:] Nancy in SD You are so right! Loss ripples throught MANY LAYERS

  2. Dear Todd,
    You are the only person who has even mentioned what the parents and grandparents must be going through now. Thanks for bringing that to our minds. I will pray fervently for them and their loss.

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