A few weeks ago, I attended the funeral of a man who had poured out his life into the lives of others.  His passion was focused on helping organizations and Christian educational institutions provide excellence in the teaching of students.  A tall man with a  gentle smile, he would often be seen stooping down to meet the gaze of a 7 year old, trying to figure out if going to school was ok.  One Wednesday, as he was golfing, he was gripped with the pains of a heart-attack and went home to heaven.

David lived his life as if everyday were his last.  He loved deeply and served graciously.  He talked gently and loved abundantly.  In short, he made his life count.

What about your life?  When the etchers chip your epitaph into the gravestone of your life, what will they write?

Many of us put wealth, status and power at the top of our list as indicators of success.  In the grand scheme of the universe, these things are fleeting.  So how can you live a life that is defined by true success?  Here are 3 pointers.

1.  Make it about others and not yourself.  We are all born with glasses turned backward.  We see ourselves as the center of the universe.  But making your life count means to flip the glasses and put others first.  Someone once said,

“The value of a man’s life is in the counting of his positive influence on others.”

2.  Make it about giving and not getting.  In our country, we have more than most people in the world.  Health, wealth and resources more than provide a quality of life that most on the globe only dream of.  Making your life count means filling the needs of those around you based on a heart of love.  That kind of heart does not expect anything in return.

3.  Make it about serving rather than self-seeking.  Today, ask yourself, “How can I serve people around me?”  “What is it that I can do for someone that is unexpected and will add value to their lives?”  Even these simple questions can make people feel loved and, in return, you are fulfilled in serving.

If you seek to make your life count, you will have the kind of life that true success defines – please God by serving others.  God even says that He sees what you do when you strive to make your life count.  (see Hebrews 6:10)

Question:  How else can you make your life count today?


Published by Todd Stocker

I love my family, music, writing and the Minnesota Vikings!


  1. This is great. A life of purpose and true fulfilment. This message is a motivator full of inspiration. Thanks for making your life count. Am blessed

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