I woke up this morning with a churning in my gut.  My first thought was “I’m not ready to speak tomorrow morning!”  I’d been mulling over my talk for the past few weeks but didn’t give it focused thought.  Worry grabbed me.  It ripped into my world like a dog ripping into meat (which is the original meaning of the word “worry”).

There are many emotions that keep us from achieving all that we’d like.  Fear is the biggie but Worry comes a close second.  Those feelings of anxiousness, those thoughts of what could and might be, that irrational look into tomorrow and seeing only stress and trouble – those are the hallmarks of Worry.  W. R Inge said,

“Worry is interest paid on trouble before it comes due.”

So how do we curb those feelings about tomorrow that threaten to rob us of the joys of of today?  How do we keep moving forward when worry wants us to stay where we are?  The Bible gives us the formula in Philippians 4:6-7.

First, redirect the focus of your thoughts from what could be to someone who is.  Choose to give your anxiousness to God.  Since worry is something that is unseen – except for the results of it – redirect your energies to someone who dwells in the unseen and let Him handle it.

Second, say Thank You to Him for handling your troubles in advance.  The prayer I prayed this morning was, “Lord thanks for helping me survive public speaking in the past.  There’s no reason why I can’t trust You to help me with it tomorrow.  So thank you for taking my worry.”

THE TWO-FOLD RESULT:  I felt – and you will too – a sense that it’s going to be ok.  I’m going to survive.  I’ll be fine.  Secondly, since the pressure was off and I had peace, I felt free to dive into my work and preparation.  The line that came to me was

“Peace is the Oil in the engine of Momentum.”  

Worry is a natural feeling but what counts is what you do with that feeling.

Question:  What do you worry about?  Leave a comment above…

(PS… Remember!  School is coming up!  Be in prayer for your child.  CLICK HERE…)


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