All of us have had them or at least have experienced the angst of them.  Jobs you hate to do.  Realistically, there isn’t any job or career in the world that you will love 100% of the time.  Everything we do has at least a little part of it that you’d rather put on the shelf and leave alone.  But there are benefits to the “hate-part” of your job.

For me, the worst job I ever had was a one-day stint as a prep cook at an Italian restaurant.  Chopping, dicing, cutting – at that was only  my fingers.  The kitchen was hot and the chef was Jerry Garcia, back from the dead (no pun intended).  But the benefits of having even that one day gig were plentiful.  They came in the form of 3 learning’s:

First, I learned what I didn’t want to do.  This is obvious when you’re doing a job that isn’t a fit.  You instinctively know that you’ll be job-hunting again soon.

Second, I learned not to go after the money.  My brother worked at the restaurant at the time and got me the job.  After his first week, he brought home a paycheck that was double what I was making at the time.  I went after the money and was miserable.

Third, I learned how to quit gracefully.  After that first day, I went to my boss, thanked him for the opportunity and explained that if I were to stay, it would hold back the productivity of the kitchen and hurt his business.  I didn’t criticize the job, his chef or the patrons.  I simply stated why I felt it wouldn’t work and that I’d decided not to come back.  I felt bad but I knew it was the right thing.

What jobs have you had that you absolutely hated?



Add yours

  1. I was a busser at the Aquarium in Kemah boardwalk for a month. It was fine except for the part of putting on a shark suit (had to be their mascot for b-days and promotions) in the Houston heat. They left that fine detail out when i interviewed. I also gracefully quit.Thanks for the post!

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