While at graduate school, I entered an 8-ball pool tournament.  Unbelievably, I made it to the quarter finals without loosing a game.  Confidence carried me to the next opponent and I calmly placed the cue ball just off center, “in the kitchen” to break.  Gripping my cue, I shot the ball into the tight rack and spread the solids and stripes evenly over the table, plopping one of them into a pocket.

From there I handily won the first game.  Repeating the same pattern in the second game, I continued to sweep the table clean of the solid balls.  Down to one and the eight, I missed the shot.

Now it was his turn.

My opponent calmly bent over his first shot and nailed it.  Then another and another.  Game after game, this pattern repeated.  He, standing calmly, as I rushed the table almost winning each match.  When the dust settled, he claimed victory.

After, I asked him, “Why didn’t you freak out when I got down to one ball then the eight.” He said, “The less of your solids on the table, the more opportunities I saw for my stripes.”

I learned a lesson that day.  Sometimes, when I have less, it provides me more.  When I feel that I have less energy, strength, resources, or time, I gain more opportunity to trust God, to simplify my life and to gain clarity about a certain direction at work.  The less I place on my Wunderlist to do, the more I get out of life.

And like the game of pool, when there is less on the table, there is more opportunity for success.


(CLICK HERE for a Bible story about LESS is MORE)


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  1. This was just so good. I will be sending it to my sons. One in Denver, and the other in China. Have a blessed labor Day weekend. Nancy in SD

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