I was listening to a presentation on Genesis 1 where the teacher was explaining that when God created the world, He formed it then filled it.  If you read the account, the first half of the week in God’s workshop, the sea, land and sky were made in preparation of what was to come.  The second three days, God filled what His voice had created.  The last day of the week, He rested.

I began to think, what if I ordered my week the same way God created the world?  For that matter, what if I ordered my day like that?  So, for the last few weeks, as I’ve approached my schedule, I’ve thought about the forming and filling concept of time management.  Here’s what it looks like:

  1. At the beginning of the week, I take intentional time to look over the next days and identify the meetings that are required.  Then I look at the other blocks of time in which I know conversations, projects and message preparation can happen.  That’s the forming.  I’ve given form to what my week can look like.
  2. Then I fill in those blocks of time with what I need and want to accomplish by the end of the week.  That’s the filling.
  3. Then I intentionally take a full day off at the end of it all.  That’s my Sabbath.

For example, earlier this week I formed and filled today with a meeting this morning, paperwork around lunch-time and a block of time for message preparation this afternoon.  Given, unlike God’s original creation, my schedule is imperfect, I’ve also built in flexibility for those Diving Appointments some people call Interruptions.

I don’t know if this is a revolutionary idea, but for me, the Forming and Filling concept has help my days be more focused and productive and my rest be more … well … restful.

What does your time management system look like?



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