My wife and I had a fascinating conversation about Genesis 1 and the “forming and filling” idea.  (see this post).  The question came up, “Was Jesus involved in creation?”  The upfront answer is “yes” because the Bible says in John 1 that everything was created through “The Word.”  Biblically, this moniker points to Jesus.  So, strictly, of the Trinity, it was Jesus who designed, blueprinted and created creation.  Cool!  But I’m interested in something else.

I want to go back again to the forming and filling.  I think it’s interesting that in the beginning, Jesus formed the earth and everything in it so that He could walk on it thousands of years later.  The cave in which he as born, He carved out of the hillside.  The water on which he walked, He poured into the Gallilean basin.  The wood on which He was killed, He caused to grow.  And the hole in which His body was laid, He chiseled.

He formed it.  He filled it.  All for His great purpose.



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