I have never wanted to have a disease, psychosis or health problem – especially ones that ended in ‘ia or ‘ea (Diarrhea comes to mind).  But I discovered an ‘ia that I would love to have.  It’s called Ataraxia.

This word does not describe a debilitating trial or health issue.  It is not on the “I hope I don’t have that!” list.  Ataraxia describes a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety. also adds the synonym tranquility -aka soft waterfall sounds and cool breezes and still waters.

Is it possible to live in a state of Ataraxia?  Not perfectly, but there are some simple techniques to have peace in your life.

1)  Hit the Pause button.  I’m reading a book called “18 minutes.”  In it the author talks about stopping during your hectic life and
2)  Pray and Meditate.  Eastern religions talk about clearing your mind to create an “emptiness.”  For the Christ-follower, God says to meditate on Him, filling your mind with the knowledge of His love for you and the world.  I choose that one!
3)  Keep a “Mike Macarthy” mentality.  Mike is a guy I worked with once that never let anything phase him.  Even in the worst of circumstances, he would give himself and the rest of us perspective by saying, “It’s no big deal.”

When you have peace of mind, the rest of you works so much better.

What do you do to attain Ataraxia?

(Click Here for a Biblical story of Jesus creating Ataraxia)



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  1. This week was the 20th aniversary of my daughter’s murder, and still as 20 years ago I have the peace of mind that she is with our Heavenly Father dancing every moment. That is why the rest of me works so much better. Although I feel so bad for those who are wondering how do I go on. They think there is something wrong with me:] Nancy in SD

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