I work with incredible leaders.  It’s a good thing because yesterday was a crazy day.  This time of year always is in the line of work to which I’ve been called.  But yesterdays event, while planned out in advance, had the potential of a train wreck.  Here’s why…

First, our worship services were overstuffed with, what I call “extras.”  Extras are those elements of a service that are not normally experienced during the course of a typical worship experience.  Important as they are, they simple aren’t the norm.  Extra announcements, extra videos, extra ministry moments, extra commissioning, extra, extra!  They all seemed to fall on yesterday. Second, our worship leader was out of town and her substitute went into labor the night before.  Third, I was late in getting my presentation material to our media team.

As the clock ticked down toward the beginning of the service, all of our team was making last minute changes, edits and additions.  Then the worship team launched into the first song, leading the standing-room only crowd in a smooth and God-honoring worship experience.

On my drive home, I pondered how blessed our church/organization is to have such great leaders.  Leaders who care, leaders who step up, leaders who lead with elegance and grace.   This is what I learned from my team on how to stay calm in the midst of chaos:

In the midst of chaos, good leaders …

  • Find perspective:  With a smile on their faces, my leaders kept reminded me that it’s going to be OK.
  • Remove emotion in the moment:  They clicked into task-mode and got the job done.
  • Get laser focused:  They prioritized what really mattered in a handful of moments.
  • Execute flexibility when needed:  The leaders adapted the worship plan and changed songs, unnecessary announcements and talking, all to streamline what we did.
  • Portray external calm while ignoring internal nerves:  Like ducks on the water, the team looked calm to those they were leading as we all paddled like crazy behind the scenes, just to keep afloat.

Yesterday, no one would have known that the wheels could’ve fallen off in the worship service.  That was because of the professionalism of our team.  I pray that you have people around you like I do.  A big thank you goes out to Ann, Mike, Terry, Amy and Nicole (just to name a few) who did what had to be done, even in the midst of chaos.

How have you learned from the people you lead?


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