Yesterday, as I was giving the children’s message and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him list to the right. An elderly gentleman who was recovering from surgery passed out four rows from the front of the church.  People behind and across from him instinctively caught him and lowered him to the middle of the aisle.  What would you do?

What do you do when a critical event causes a course correction?  What do you do when all eyes are on you to make a fast decision – one that is in the best interest of everyone?  What do you do when you know that what is scheduled has just been thrown out the window and you don’t have a plan B?

Some leaders freeze up.  Some ignore the situation on which everyone else is focused.  For me, yesterday, I decided that the best interest served would be for the elderly gentleman to say immobile while the paramedics came.  I decided to stop the service and instruct the rest of the shocked congregation to cluster up with others around them and pray.  After the paramedics arrived and did a quick assessment, they helped him onto the movable gurney as members escorted his wife to the hospital.  I continued the service, ignoring what was planned and moving on with public prayer for him, his wife and those who were treating our congregational brother.

Thankfully, by the time he arrived at the hospital, he was in good spirits, telling jokes and simply in need of hydration.  After a quick check up, he returned home.

What do you do when you have no plan B?



3 thoughts on “HE PASSED OUT IN CHURCH

  1. Jonathan Mohr says:

    Strangely enough, almost identical situations happened twice in our congregation during the past year. Our pastor took the same approach you chose. We prayed, and, thankfully, the members who fainted were alright. The congregation remained calm during the incidents, mostly because our pastor projected calm.

    Enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing.

    Jonathan Mohr

  2. Nancy Haas says:

    It is so something how everyone steps to what is needed to be done, and of course pray is always the right thing to do:] Glad he is okay. That happened not to long ago to a elderly lady during our church service. I think all the prays get the EMTs there even quicker:] Nancy in SD

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