THANKSGIVING – Too Many Blessings to Count

One … Two … Free…  I can hear my daughters three-year old voice ring in my head like it was a few moments ago, counting her blessings dutifully as she was told by her Sunday School teacher.  The brown crayon, chipped up from a lifetime of use, is scribbling her best Thanksgiving Day Turkey picture and her wispy blonde hair hangs gently in the way.

These are the simple moments of life when I, as a father, realize the importance of family.  While the busyness of responsibility is crouched just outside my doorstep, inside our family is writing on the yearly “Count your Blessings” table cloth draped over our kitchen table.  I take a picture in my mind.

I can’t begin to tally what God has done for me.  The list would fill a stadium.  In all His goodness, He has allowed me to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and brought me to the other side.  He has given our family hurt and loss and has carried us to redemption.  The blessing list lengthens with every breath that fills me.

May this Thanksgiving deepen your understanding of His journey on which He has placed you.  May His grace annihilate any hint of doubt or shame.  And may you once again be reminded that there are too many blessings to count.

One … Two … Free…

“For the Lord is Good and His Love Endures Forever!” – Psalm 100


3 thoughts on “THANKSGIVING – Too Many Blessings to Count

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  1. Todd….just came across your blog today & posted a link from mine to your entry about Jeremiah 29:11. I really love your interpretation of that..Blessings on your ministry & family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Todd. You are among my blessings. Your message was excellent last night at the Community Service. I was proud to say, “yup, that ‘s my pastor”. Thanks, have a blessing day. See you Sunday!

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