When Death Goes to School

We don’t expect such horrific violence on the innocent.  Across denominational, political and racial lines, our kids’ safety is our priority.  So when Death walks the halls of a school in Connecticut, we watch with horror, wondering if our kids’ school is the next target.CT school shooting

As the hours and days reveal details, we’ll learn more of the personified evil who pulled the trigger.  We’ll see the funerals and memorials on our screens and hear stories of a brave teacher and a tragic sacrifice.  We’ll ask questions of ourselves and even wonder how and why God could let this happen.

All in all, we won’t have all the answers.  Tragedy is good at keeping secrets.  The best that we can do is lean into our God who  also walked those school halls, our God who kept some students safe, our God who stopped the shooter from taking all the lives in the classes and now, our God who wraps His arms around them which moves us to rehearse,

“Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” Psalm 23




4 thoughts on “When Death Goes to School

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  1. Carlie is a doll. Keep up the good work and send more. Just talked to Sue, I told her about Todd, she has seen his wife, they are a dear family and suffered so much tragedy, Show this to her. Love, Diane


  2. Just yesterday I went to shop in a small town called Freeman S. D. and overheard that the nite before a young man only 15 years old had commited suicide and how of course everyone in this small town was trying to make cease of it. My heart so goes out to the pareants. My daughter Tammy was murdered and as you know their is no other loss so difficult to lose a child, but our Lord and Saviour is with us always. The parents of this child now needs our prayers for a very long time! Nancy in SD

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