A Reminder to Dads About Their Daughters

dad-with-daughter-laughingOne of our holiday traditions is to host a Polish dinner event.  Part of this experience is called the sharing of oplatek in which members of each family go around the table and wish a blessing to each person.  This is usually called the “cry-fest” by the high school aged kids among us.

This year, when it came to one of the young daughters’ turn to talk about her dad, she broke down.  Deep breathing through the words and tears, she said something to the effect of,

“Daddy, you have always been there for me and I’ve always known that you love me.  You think I’m pretty.  You think I’m valuable and you think that I’m special.  So I’ve learned from you that I’m going to wait for a husband that thinks I’m pretty, that thinks I’m valuable and that thinks I’m special.”

All of us broke down weeping – especially us dads – because we were reminded of the power we have on our Daughters.  We Dad’s shape our Daughters’ perception of themselves and their self-worth.  They are looking to us for their valuation and we help answer their inner questions of “Am I pretty and acceptable?”  We are also the representation of God in their young lives.  We best not screw that up.

So, Dads, my encouragement to you(us) is this:

  • Be intentional about telling your daughter how much you love her.
  • Tell her that you think she’s pretty.
  • Tell her not to settle for just any boy.
  • Above all, be there for her.  They deserve it from you.

Question:  How does your Daughter know that you love her?



2 thoughts on “A Reminder to Dads About Their Daughters

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  1. This was just beautiful! My daughter was 16 when her Dad passed away, and I know she truly missed him, and had a hard time. When my sons have daughters I will pass your blog unto to them:] Nancy in SD

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