When Making the Right Decision is Hard

It’s in your gut.  You know that a decision has to be made.  You know that you’re the one to do it.  You play out the reaction in your mind and you realize that the conversation with your employee, boss, friend or family member is going to have ripple effects in your relationship.  Doing the right thing often means doing the hard thing, especially when you know it may cause others to struggle.Communication

Here are 3 tips that may help that conversation:

First Share the why and not the what.  You’ve been there.  Someone around you makes a decision that causes you to scratch your head.  But if you understand why that person did what they did, it helps give clarity.  You still may not agree with the decision, but at least you understand the reasoning behind it.  Start off your conversation with this formula, “Because of ‘Y’, we need to ‘Z’.”

Don’t assume the reaction.   We create assumed realities in our minds.  Don’t assume that when you tell someone what is going to change that they’ll be thrilled or frustrated.  Their reactive history can give you a clue, but you don’t always know what is happening with them in the background at that moment.

Keep in mind why you made the decision in the first place.  If it’s the right decision, stick to it.  Don’t be swayed by people’s negative reaction to abandon it (unless you haven’t gone through the correct process.  To see a post on one way to make right decisions, Click Here).



What do YOU think?

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