The Biggest Loser – What Are You Known For?

the_biggest_loser_lisa_rambo.004Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Lisa Rambo, current contestant on the TV reality show, Biggest Loser.  Her bright smile and energy filled the room as she spoke about her experience.   She talked about what inspired her to audition, her experience on the workout “ranch” and how God was really her strength on those day where she had none.

As I reflect on that interview, what struck me – among other things – was that she is not going to be remembered for being on the Biggest Loser, but that she changed her’s and thousands of other peoples’ lives by who she is, not by what she did.  In other words,  the TV show was simply a platform through which her faith story and determination will serve as a model of inspiration for years to come.  (By the way, if you need a keynote, retreat or event speaker, I highly suggest Lisa!  Find her here.)

What are you known for?

Are you a super-musician that chooses not use your gift to add value to others?  Are you great at running a free-market enterprise but can’t manage your own family?  Are you wonderful and reading and studying the Bible but you use that knowledge to simply make a point rather than make a difference?  We all have uniqueness.  We all have experience.  Some are large scale like Lisa’s, others are smaller.  But to whomever you have influence, are you using that platform for their betterment or simply to advance yourself?

As of today, Lisa has 7 weeks left to go before the final show and according to her, it is going to be a tough 7 weeks.  As I pray to encourage her, I also ask God to give me the humility to be known for adding value and leadership to the people around me.

What are you known for?

You can hear the interview by clicking here.  (The date is 1/27/2013.  The interview starts about 8 minutes in).



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